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Wednesday, April 25

    For New Users Only – Intro to Noble Systems
    This focus group is designed specifically for new customers, partners or prospects of Noble Systems. You’ll be introduced to our solutions and services programs, so you’ll know what to expect from your Noble relationship. This is also your chance to ask questions and get answers in a smaller group setting.
       Who Should Attend? ... New Noble Clients and Partners, New users, first-time SNUG attendees

    Noble IQ User Seminar
    Users of Noble’s IQ products are invited to sit down together in this focused seminar to learn about Noble’s new developments for the Analytics products. We will also talk about some best practices and look at other Noble tools that can be complementary to your IQ solution.
       Who Should Attend? ... Current users of the Noble IQ Data Analytics and Speech Analytics products

    Noble WFM User Seminar
    Users of Noble’s WFM products are invited to sit down together in this focused seminar to learn about Noble’s new developments for ShiftTrack WFM. We will also talk about some best practices and look at other Noble tools that can be complementary to your WFM solution.
       Who Should Attend? ... Current users of the Noble ShiftTrack WFM product

    These interactive industry-based groups allow you to kick-off your conference experience by connecting with colleagues who face the same types of daily business challenges that you do. You will have the chance to share your goals, identify common questions, and learn what to look for at the conference to help you find answers.
       Who Should Attend? ... All attendees looking to meet and share information with other users in their industries
    Noble Systems’ product experts will show you the newest releases from Noble Systems, and highlights from our Product Roadmap, including new and future development for our award-winning solutions for agent and manager desktops, automated services, workforce management, omnichannel engagement, analytics, data intelligence, reporting, compliance, and more.
       Who Should Attend? ... All conference attendees
    Join us on for a welcome party and dinner, overlooking the beautiful Clearwater Beach Marina and Beach. This is a great chance to enjoy one the beach’s famous sunsets while meeting other users that you can connect with throughout the event. (Casual/Resort Casual attire)
       Who Should Attend? ... All conference attendees

Thursday, April 26

    Good morning and Noble company update from Jim Noble, Jr, followed by the Keynote from Rocky Bleier, and the presentation of the 2018 SNUG Awards for technology innovations.
       Who Should Attend? ... All conference attendees

    Product – Noble WFE: Engaging Your Workforce
    Workforce Engagement (WFE) helps you optimize the two most mission-critical elements in your contact center: customer experience and employee satisfaction. Noble’s workforce management tools help you put the right resources where you need them, when you need them, Improve efficiencies and reduce costs, create a more employee-focused culture, and know what to expect, while preparing for the unexpected.
       Who Should Attend? ... Operations and Team Leaders focused on improving efficiencies with advanced schedule automation

    Performance – Improving the Inbound Customer Experience
    Customers today communicate through a range of touchpoints, from inbound agent-assisted or self-service calls to non-voice options (email, SMS, and web-based), and they expect you to be ready for them. This session will look at inbound/blended technologies and operational approaches that can help you improve call handling, increase first call resolutions, meet critical service level goals, and keep customers happy.
       Who Should Attend? ... Inbound Operations and Managers who want to improve efficiency and customer service levels

    Collaboration – CC Management Tactics That Work
    Back by popular demand, this session is a great opportunity to explore business and operational strategies that can help you optimize your contact center programs and resources. We’ll share our 28+ years of contact center experience and ask you to share your daily challenges and successes, so you can explore what other users are doing that works – giving you action items that can quickly make a positive impact on your business.
       Who Should Attend? ... Operations, Managers and Team Leaders looking for tips to improve productivity and results

    Frost & Sullivan and Gartner both point to Noble’s feature-rich solutions and ability to deliver tailored solutions to its diverse client base as key strengths. Join your fellow users in these industry-based workgroups to see how other companies are using Noble technologies with custom applications, new tools, and outside-the-box thinking to improve performance, engagement, and the customer experience.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users interested in seeing how other companies are meeting challenges with unique solutions
    Open Q&A session with Noble’s Executive Panel. With its interactive format and direct answers to audience questions, the Panel of Experts is always a highlight of the conference experience.
       Who Should Attend? ... All conference attendees
    Compliance is essential in today’s environment, with increasingly complex regulations and rapidly escalating lawsuits and fines for violations. Noble’s Compliance-Ready solutions with patented technologies provide relief for organizations. These workgroups are focused by industry to provide updates on the latest regulatory news, discuss solutions and technologies, and talk with other users about how they are handling compliance.
       Who Should Attend? ... Contact center professionals who want to learn how to apply compliance strategies to their programs

    Product – Noble Analytics Suite: The Power in Your Data
    Every contact gives you critical data and insight into customer behavior that can help you build more effective contact strategies, increase customer satisfaction, and improve results. Learn more about Noble’s powerful IQ solutions for speech and data analytics including real-time and post-call screening, best time to call, and decisioning tools.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users who want to learn more about using Noble’s IQ and analytics tools to improve interactions

    Performance – A 360 View with Noble Reporting Tools
    Having a real-time view of what is happening in your center is critical to decision making and organizational success. Access to historical data is just as important for future planning. Noble has you covered on both accounts. Noble’s real-time dashboards, control panels, and reporting tools give you the details you need on activities, results, and KPIs to help you make more informed decisions and optimize performance.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users who want to learn more about Noble’s manager desktops and reporting tools

    Collaboration – Omnichannel Strategies in Action
    With the growing use of non-voice contact channels and an increasingly distracted customer, companies need to make the most of every contact opportunity. Engaging with customers in their preferred channel, giving them the right information, and tracking the customer journey is key to creating a positive customer experience. This interactive discussion will allow the group to tell their omnichannel stories, including what tools they are using, how they are using them, and where they have seen value or challenges.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users who want to discuss omnichannel strategies and tools

    After a full day of learning, you’re invited to unwind with us at our evening extravaganza. This reception, dinner, and entertainment event allows you to continue networking with other users while enjoying a night at one of the nation’s most beautiful beaches. Guests are invited (guest fee applies; guests must be age 21 or older). Transportation will be provided. (Resort Casual attire preferred.)
       Who Should Attend? ... All conference attendees and their guests

Friday, April 27

    Product – Noble Composer: What's New in the Agent Desktop
    The Noble Composer Agent Desktop offers a flexible agent workflow environment that allows you to improve the efficiency of customer contacts and maximize agent productivity. Led by our product gurus, you’ll see the newest features and tools, learn from our product experts, and get tips for creating more effective and more efficient workflows.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users who want to learn more about the features and functionality of Noble Composer and Agent tools

    Performance – Increasing Outbound Performance
    Outbound campaigns come in all shapes and sizes – lead gen, sales, collections, service, market research, etc. But to succeed, all outbound programs need to maximize contacts while optimizing efficiencies and staying compliant. This session will explore tools, strategies, and best practices that can help increase customer contacts, manage compliance, and achieve your campaign goals.
    Who Should Attend? ... Operations and Managers looking to improve outbound program management and results

    Collaboration – Noble Premise or Cloud: Choosing the Right Fit
    Noble’s product offers use a single-code base to deliver the same features and reliability regardless of the deployment configuration. So how do you choose between Premise, Cloud, Hybrid or even Managed Service? This forum will help you explore the differences, and see why a cloud or hybrid strategy using Noble’s industry-leading reliability might be the right fit for your organization.
       Who Should Attend? ... Operations and IT who want to learn more about Noble’s range of deployment models

    Product – Noble Harmony: What's New in the Manager Suite
    Noble’s Manager Desktop gives you more effective control of your contact center with real-time, web-based tools for viewing activities and results. Our product experts will show you the latest dashboards and tools for managing agents, campaigns, data, lists, quality programs, and more.
       Who Should Attend? ... Users who want to learn more about the features and functionality in Noble Harmony

    Performance – Managing Noble Software Upgrades: FAQs
    Noble’s annual support plans include software updates at no charge, so that users always have access to the newest features and tools for optimal system performance. This session will walk through the update process and the myNoble portal. Our Support professionals will answer frequently asked questions about notifications, scheduling, testing, user certification, and on-going training.
       Who Should Attend? ... System administrators who want to learn more about the system update process

    Collaboration – Automating Workflows to Improve Efficiency
    Noble helps you simplify workflows and common functions with process automation. This session will look at how Noble helps you unify agent desktops, share data, schedule programs, generate reports, and streamline manager tasks. With Noble’s automated tools, you can decrease handle times, improve speed-to-lead/service, increase customer and agent satisfaction, and build efficiencies.
       Who Should Attend? ... Operations and Managers interested in improving productivity with process automation

    In this closing session, you can re-connect with your colleagues and share what you’ve learned and take-aways that you can implement in your operations, as well as give us feedback on what you want to see next from Noble Systems.
       Who Should Attend? ... All attendees looking to network and exchange information with other users in their industries

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