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Noble Make Contact

Noble Make Contact for combines SFA with outbound contact automation, allowing Inside Sales and Customer Service teams to take advantage of the benefits that integrated technologies can bring. Sales and service reps can seize new sales opportunities more quickly and handle customer contacts with ease, with a single view to execute their day to day activities and one-click access to customer information and contact tools.

  • Embed Noble's Composer desktop tools and telephony controls into the sales or service rep’s workspace
  • Streamline workflows to eliminate extra steps and reduce handle time
  • Dial a number, Schedule a callback, Transfer a call, Process a payment, etc
  • Handle customer contacts more effectively
  • Eliminate switching between programs, manual look-ups, and making customers wait while they try to find information
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity
  • Additional benefits include: Regulatory Compliance, Campaign Management, Call Recording, Dropping Voicemail Messages, Quality Control, Sales Performance Reports, and more