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Reaching out to new and existing customers at the right time and place has never been more challenging. OnQ automates and centralizes campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance. OnQ is instrumental in achieving corporate objectives for outbound calling efficiencies and effectiveness, while optimizing agent resources. With a ten-year record of delivering innovation in call center operations, OnQ is the solution of choice for lowering your cost to contact and improving contact tracking.

On Q

Increasing Agent Productivity

OnQ increases agent utilization and reduces administration time by centralizing and automating dialer campaign management across disparate physical dialing locations. Each day OnQ loads the new file of records to be dialed and segments it into calling lists. A list can be called from multiple dialers at the same time; multiple lists can be blended in a single campaign at a user-defined ratio. OnQ monitors demand from each active campaign and delivers small batches of records as they are needed. This just-in-time architecture enables real-time strategy changes, delivers calls to available agents regardless of location, adjusts to spikes in connect rates and inbound call volumes, promotes proper test design, and allows for nimble response to call center outages - all while agents remain logged in to a single campaign. As a result, agents spend less time waiting for calls and more time talking to customers - ultimately resulting in greater productivity and more dollars collected.


On its own, OnQ handles day-to-day compliance for your organization based on company or state laws. Both OnQ's Strategy Management and Phone Rotation features enable organizations to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign while still complying with legal and policy constraints that limit calling. OnQ is designed by contact center managers. As such it delivers innovative approaches to:

  • Centralized and automated enterprise campaign management
  • Account-level phone and recall strategies
  • Real-time record delivery to meet fluctuations in demand from each dialer
  • Stopping calls to records that have been contacted through other channels
  • Sharing lists across dialers
  • Blending lists in a single campaign at a user-defined ratio
  • Testing competing strategies in a single campaign
  • Scheduling campaigns and phone strategies days in advance, modifying in real-time
  • Overriding campaign settings to accommodate intra-day changes
  • Merging late-arriving files into an active calling campaign
  • Built-in disaster recovery capability
  • Limiting user access by function and role
  • Easy-to-use list segmentation


  • Maximize agent utilization and productivity
  • Increase dialer efficiency
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Enforce consistent strategy and policy execution
  • Increase management productivity
  • Reduce headcount needed to manage automated dialers