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Compliance & Security

Noble Systems is an active advocate for best practices in contact management and data security, taking a leadership role in the call center industry to promote international best practices. We are committed to ensuring that all Noble platforms are in full compliance with all globally-known and existing regulations for customer contacts and security requirements.

Compliant with Contact Regulations Around the World

As a corporate member of telemarketing, marketing, collection, and industry-related associations around the world, Noble Systems understands that compliance with legislation and regulations -- including TSR, TCPA, FDCPA, DNC, FTC, TPS, PCI, HIPAA, etc -- is one of the most critical operational areas in today's environment. In addition to offering Compliant-Ready solutions and tools that you can use proactively as a part of your overall business practices to maintain a compliant organization, we take an active role in helping educate the marketplace through seminars, white papers and participation and support of the trade associations who are respected leaders in the contact management field.

Do Not Call Management

The Noble DNC Manager helps you manage Do Not Call lists and comply with DNC regulations. The system screens calls in real-time, as they are being dialed, so you can be sure that only the right parties are being contacted – DNC Manager does the scrubbing for you while the campaign is in production! Integration with your internal files means that your call results enter the sysem in real-time, ensuring that newly-coded DNC records are screened from future calls. Noble also supports external DNC lists and works with DNC service providers.

Data Security and Integrity

Noble Systems maintains standard business practices, policies, and procedures to protect the security and integrity of our clients’ data. The Noble platform and Linux environment are designed to maximize system and operational security within the contact center. Noble offers complete system security for calling applications. With multiple levels of security, sensitive customer data is protected down to the field level. All employees, including agents, receive an individual log-in/password combination for system identification. Access to each level is determined by the security access assigned to individual users. Noble Encryption also supports encryption for transactions that flow over the network.


  • Compliant with US Regulations for DNC (Do Not Call), TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule), TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) – Manage Do Not Call lists with internal-specific lists and national and state DNC lists, abandon rate governer with messaging, ANI displays, Wireless number services, list management and right party contact tools, and complete compliance reporting
  • Compliant with UK TPS (Telephone Preference Services) Regulations – Noble Systems provides a variety of methods for preventing a number being recalled within a 72-hour period; for example, any dropped calls can be grouped and re-dialed in a non-predictive mode
  • Multi-level Security Permissions – Access to system features and tools is controlled by user roles and permissions and changes are marked by audit trails, securing your contact center data
  • Data Security for Privacy Protection – List and data security is vital to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of your clients, so we offer a comprehensive range of encryption solutions designed to meet your data protection requirements
  • PCI Compliance – ‘PCI-Ready’ technology platforms that can be integrated into your business processes to achieve PCI Compliance Certification for your company
  • TCPA Wireless Compliance – This patented TCPA Wireless Compliance solution combines the best capabilities of our manual dialing features with our best-in-class compliance management capabilities to help your company safeguard its customer contact operations