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Management Desktop

Maestro - Watch the video

Noble Maestro is the newest generation of management and reporting tools for the Noble Solution. Maestro offers an intuitive management portal for directing and monitoring inbound and outbound contacts. The system's easy-to-use interface enables managers to efficiently oversee the setup and management of your contact center applications, providing maximum connect time and effortless coordination of operations. Expanded features give your more effective control of your programs and resources, with real-time online tools for managing your agents and programs, viewing activities, and reporting on results.

Manage Programs using the Intuitive, Graphical Environment

This easy-to-use Management Desktop is the command center for accessing the power and flexibility of the Noble Solution – from setting up and managing agents and applications and assigning and maintaining resources, to viewing real-time reports and analyzing performance, and more. User-friendly 'wizards' lead managers through common administrative tasks in step-by-step processes. Dashboard views make it easy to monitor and manage center resources, including phone lines, stations, call queues, messaging, recording, QA, and routing. List and data management utilities are easily accessible. All of these functions can be managed through the powerful Maestro toolset.

Monitor Organizational Performance

Managers can use Maestro to generate reports to aid in analyzing the information available from system statistics.The Reporting interface offers easy access to real-time data for center activity, agent reports, site resources, and performance results. With standard and custom tools, you can view list and calling results, dialing efficiencies, drop ratios, phone line histories, and application and agent status reports. Maestro also provides payroll information, such as agent hours worked, for effective agent management.

Control System Activity

Noble Maestro organizes new applications, list maintenance, dialing, call progression detection, and switching functions of your programs. Calling list administration is made easy by accessing the Listmaster to merge, generate, delete, create or screen records to build a catalog, then configuring dialing filters to target contacts and dialing strategies. Through Maestro, managers can also determine how the system dials and switches calls, accepts and routes inbound calls, monitors dialing performance, paces the speed of calls, and tracks agent and group statistics.

Increase Center Productivity

Manage groups, phone lines, list assignments, and agent stations with ease using Maestro. Maestro allows managers to setup agent groups and to ensure that each group receives calls from the appropriate list, along with the on-screen information needed to successfully complete the call.

Get Mobile Access to Real-time Statistics & Management Tools

Noble Harmony and Noble Reports offer powerful browser-based access tools for remote and mobile contact center management. The Noble ‘mobile’ solutions are designed to untether managers and supervisors from the desks, getting them back on the call center floor, where they can manage more effectively. Harmony allows them to move around the center while still having full access to monitoring and setup tools from the Noble Maestro management portal, while Reports gives them access to real-time reports. Supervisors can see what their teams are doing, view activities, and stay connected via handheld devices and inexpensive tablets.


  • Intuitive Portal for Managing and Reporting – Wizards, dashboards, real-time activity views, online statistics,summary data and detail drill-down, graphical call flow management,and resource monitoring for efficient management of your call center
  • Agent Management – Set-up & maintain agents, view activities, and report on agent statistics
  • Application Management – Assign applications, manage application settings, and monitor & report on application activities
  • Agent Monitoring – Monitor agents conversations (silent, coach and barge modes) and screens with audio and video monitoring
  • Enhanced QA Management – Manage QA scoring & audio/video recording playback, and view QA results & statistics
  • Data Management – Import & export data, build & maintain lists, and define custom tables
  • Call Routing Management – Control call routing & IVR workflows, assign skills based routing rules, and manage transfers, line settings, & audio
  • Call Reporting – Access complete statistics & details for outbound, inbound & IVR calls, see daily hour statistics & call histories, and view line & trunk utilization
  • Noble Mobile Management –  Access real-time statistics, management tools & reports using the internet device that meets your needs (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone), regardless of where you are - in the center, at home, or on the go; supports major browser applications, such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., and devices that utilize Android, Windows, Linux or iOS operating systems
  • Multichannel Contact Management – Configure skills-based routing rules to include DNIS skill requirements for email and web chat routes, setup and manage email, SMS and web chat applications
  • Utilities & User Menu – Manage logs & system access, launch additional features (including Maestro & Televiewer), and create custom user menus for the tools you use the most