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Workforce Management (WFM) is the art of having the right number of skilled people, and supporting resources, in the right place at the right time to meet the desired service levels for an accurately forecasted workload. Noble ShiftTrack WFM removes the guesswork from your contact center planning, by carefully balancing the demands of business activities, staff requirements and your customers' service level expectations with efficient staffing levels.

ShiftTrack Overview

CONTACT METhe Noble Workforce Optimization Suite (WFO Suite) provides contact center management with total visibility into quality and performance. This powerful package combines our best-of-breed workforce management with Noble's award-winning quality assurance, recording, scorecard, and speech analytics tools and business analysis to impact sales and service, customer retention, agent attrition, and productivity for agents and managers. Noble WFO leverages the large amount of rich data gathered in the Noble contact center solution to help you dramatically improve your abilities to forecast activity, manage staffing levels, and monitor performance.

Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Profitability

67% of your costs are associated with your employees. Managing your workforce more effectively and reducing costs by creating forecasts for activity to ensure that the right people with the right skills are doing the right thing at the right time is critical in delivering bottom line profits and satisfied customers.

Optimize the Resources within Your Contact Center

Skilled based scheduling ensures that you have the right skills at the right time to suit the needs of your customers. Increasing the number of daily interactions and reducing the amount of administrative duties for management allows them to focus on more important issues such as long-term business strategy.

Improve Customer Service Levels and Brand Loyalty

WFM helps you effectively control your wait times and react to any unforeseen eventualities by accounting for shrinkage when creating schedules and then tracking Real-Time Adherence and monitoring intra-day changes. This helps to provide a consistent and superior level of customer service.

Improve Agent Morale and Performance

Balance the needs of your advisors with the requirements of your business through schedule preference and equity. With our web-based agent portal, agents can log-in to view schedules, bid for available shifts or overtime, and request time-off.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time delivery of information helps to ensure that complete and reliable data is available to support decisions made at higher levels within the organization. Real-time project and workforce information must be delivered to fully understand call center dynamics. Managers can view traffic and performance as they occur, including agent adherence to schedules, so that adjustments can be made to improve service or outbound applications. Historical reports supplement real-time data by capturing all information so that it can be displayed by date and time period.

'What if' Analysis

This allows you to 'test the water' so that long-term strategies can be modeled in a no-risk environment.

Schedule and Forecast Across Multi-Channels

Cover all of your customer touchpoints through multi-media support.


  • Client/Server Architecture – The Manager Console is a comprehensive command and control center
  • Graphical Interfaces – Make fast and accurate workforce and project decisions
  • Drill-Down Decision Support Tools – Ability to look at many different perspectives or views of call data
  • Customized Data Views – Provide information such as locations, agent groups, projects or individual agents
  • Service Level Alerts – Set performance thresholds and provide alerts on a manager’s PC when a threshold is exceeded
  • Information Archives – For contact compliance and client reporting
  • Reporting from Anywhere – Web-based reporting solution allows managers to view reports in any location with Internet access