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Noble® PRO

Strategic Consulting & Professional Services

While every contact center is unique, common opportunities and challenges run through each organization. With over 20 years of organizational experience in the industry, Noble Systems understands the day-to-day operations and the complexities of matching technologies, people, and processes with the long-term goals of contact centers. Built upon the knowledge and expertise we have gained from working with a diverse set of industries and applications, our Noble PRO services are tailored to the needs of contact center environments. Our focus is to distinguish each client's individual business needs and then share our know-how and resources to help them capitalize on new business opportunities and improve the performance of their customer contact operations.

Noble® Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services help companies optimize the performance and productivity of their contact centers. Our services include operational and strategic reviews to look at your company's current key performance indicators, workflows, and technologies, as well as your business goals and strategic plans. Our professional consultants will present you with their findings and deliver recommendations and take-aways to help you identify and achieve KPIs, implement best practices, develop optimization strategies, leverage opportunities for improvement, and you achieve improved productivity and efficiencies.

  • Business, Operational & Contact Center Strategy Analyses
  • Custom Engagements

Noble® Enablement Services

In this era of multi-channel contact centers, IP technologies, and changing media strategies, Noble's Enablement Services help our clients maximize their use of emerging and existing tools to improve efficiencies and results. Our expertise and collaboration can help you get the most from your technology investments by integrating diverse systems and applications into your existing infrastructure to create a seamless platform. With thoughtful planning, we can help you accelerate deployments to reduce implementation time and costs, set expectations for performance, and identify potential challenges to maximize efficiency and minimize risks.

  • Implementation & Integration Services
  • Custom Engagements

Noble® Partner Enabled Services

For our Partner Enabled Services, Noble Systems has teamed with leaders in the Contact Center market to offer their expertise to our customer base. Noble's partner strategy is focused on adding value to our product and service offerings with complementary solutions, so that we can continually deliver high-performance business solutions to our clients. These strategic partnerships not only help our customers better utilize the Noble solution, but also align them with current trends and requirements of the contact center industry.

  • Data Security, PCI Gap Analysis & PCI Certification
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Complementary Solutions & Other Services

Noble® Remote Consulting Services

Noble's Remote Consulting Services provide streamlined programs for system setup and tuning that help clients conserve resources by relying on our professionals to configure and optimize their Noble solutions. Our remote consulting options offer pre-defined, all-inclusive engagements based on our most commonly-requested assistance projects, with assessment, design, set-up and deployment for a fixed price point. You are just a phone call away from applying our expertise to your center programs and resources.

  • Creation & Definition Services
  • Tuning, Configuration, Health Check & Upgrade Services
  • Replication & Fail-over Tests
  • Custom Engagements & Other Services

Noble® Residency Services

While each Noble platform is delivered with training and support services, some clients prefer the dependability of having a 'Seasoned Expert' on-site to maximize the daily operations of their systems. Our Residency Services are ideal for these situations, and fit the bill for both small companies with limited IT staff and for larger organizations with more complex strategies, allowing you to focus on strategic projects while drawing on the resources of a certified Noble solution professional. Our experts complement your existing staff for short, mid and long-term engagements and can range from system

  • On-site Engineers
  • Short/Mid/Long-Term Interim Management
  • Custom Engagements